Thursday, August 10, 2006

Recent Work

To prove we haven't spent the summer lazing around the house, I thought I'd update you on the recent work going on.

First, the kitchen remodeling project. Here's a photo of what it looks like right now. Painting and flooring will be done next week. Cabinets and granite countertop have been ordered and will come in soon I hope! It's not pretty now, but it will be!!

Also, we put in a wildflower garden in the front yard where the old stump used to be - Matthew put in a rock border and I added a sundial (sorry you can't see it in the photo, and anyways, it only tells the time in the morning b/c then it gets shady but... I wanted to put it outside!). The flowers are coming in nicely - most of the seeds were perennials, so I'm excited to see it really take off next year b/c I think most of them won't flower until their second year.

Writing wise - I spent the last 2 days writing my 1st 3 lessons for the school year - all in writing workshop mode. I see it as being a much better method for me in the classroom. Thinking about my lessons this way has really been stretching my mind as I search for ways to teach the strategy, and think about whether or not what I'm having the kids do is really going to make them successful! I think over time, it'll be easier to develop my plans once I get used to the method.

Also, I've been working on a poem - there's a first in a long time! It's a sestina.

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