Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me! The BIG ONE

Okay - so for me right now the BIG ONE was 30... check out my sister's site for some pictures of the SURPRISE event - I about jumped out of my SKIN when I opened the door to our house and saw PEOPLE! I thought some burglars had crept in!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Spokane Wedding

What a beautiful weekend for a jet to Spokane, WA for Sarah B. Baumann's wedding on Labor Day! The hotel was GRAND, and the wedding was sweet and elegant. Sarah chose lovely reds and oranges that went perfectly with the fall outdoor pond setting.
Loved the day, the dress, the bride, (and the cake! YUM!)
Blessings to you Jeff & Sarah McMorris!

Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend the Davenport Hotel in the historic section of downtown Spokane. Not only is the lobby breaktaking (see photo), but the rooms are SO comfortable and they give you soft, crumbly delicious peanut brittle every night when they turn down your bed! (If you're nice, they give you an extra helping!). Did I mention that every room has it's own doorbell?

The Kitchen is Complete!

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Our kitchen is officially FINISHED!!! Phew!
Thanks to all involved. We LOVE IT!

BEFORE: (just a bad photo of the dining room, but you get the idea!)


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall is Like Fresh Sheets

Here's an entry from my writer's notebook - I assigned the students to "live like writers - notice details" this weekend. And I promised them that I would too. So I did... this is the semi-revised version

Early sunny September morning. My sneakers are laced up and my head is still waking up! The sunlight seems weaker now than August's sun, and the sky - a clear, hard blue - seems farhter away than August's sky.
The breeze snaps crisply through still-green leaves: wind on a line of clean linens. Making them whisper together like children telling secrets in bed.
A frisk of gray squirrel tail disappears among the branches, back to its warm nest. The crunchy carpet of broken acorn shells surrounds the tree in a semi-circle. It makes me think that the family Squirrel was up late having a nut party!
I draw my gray fleece over my head, and let myself melt into its soft warmth, wishing I could whisk myself back to bed like the squirrel.
And I think: "Fall is like fresh clean sheets - you want to pull it up around you and hit the seasonal snooze button, to enjoy it for just a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes!"


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