Saturday, September 23, 2006

Spokane Wedding

What a beautiful weekend for a jet to Spokane, WA for Sarah B. Baumann's wedding on Labor Day! The hotel was GRAND, and the wedding was sweet and elegant. Sarah chose lovely reds and oranges that went perfectly with the fall outdoor pond setting.
Loved the day, the dress, the bride, (and the cake! YUM!)
Blessings to you Jeff & Sarah McMorris!

Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend the Davenport Hotel in the historic section of downtown Spokane. Not only is the lobby breaktaking (see photo), but the rooms are SO comfortable and they give you soft, crumbly delicious peanut brittle every night when they turn down your bed! (If you're nice, they give you an extra helping!). Did I mention that every room has it's own doorbell?

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