Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall is Like Fresh Sheets

Here's an entry from my writer's notebook - I assigned the students to "live like writers - notice details" this weekend. And I promised them that I would too. So I did... this is the semi-revised version

Early sunny September morning. My sneakers are laced up and my head is still waking up! The sunlight seems weaker now than August's sun, and the sky - a clear, hard blue - seems farhter away than August's sky.
The breeze snaps crisply through still-green leaves: wind on a line of clean linens. Making them whisper together like children telling secrets in bed.
A frisk of gray squirrel tail disappears among the branches, back to its warm nest. The crunchy carpet of broken acorn shells surrounds the tree in a semi-circle. It makes me think that the family Squirrel was up late having a nut party!
I draw my gray fleece over my head, and let myself melt into its soft warmth, wishing I could whisk myself back to bed like the squirrel.
And I think: "Fall is like fresh clean sheets - you want to pull it up around you and hit the seasonal snooze button, to enjoy it for just a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes!"

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