Friday, November 11, 2011

In an Instant... #NaBloPoMo

The irritations were starting to pile up like the proverbial straws in the haystack.
  • I couldn't find what I needed at the craft store.
  • The wind blew hair in my eye. Ouch.
  • The grocery store didn't have the ingredient I needed.
  • The discount fruit wouldn't ring up.
  • My pre-paid credit card wasn't accepted at the self-checkout line (b/c you need to tell the cashier the exact amount left on the card, which I have no idea).
  • As I was loading my groceries, someone else started ringing their food (something for which I have been SCREAMED at for, by another customer in the distant past!) and their heavy boxes of soda cans slid down the belt crushing my bags of chips. GRR! She apologized but kept sending her groceries down into mine - I can only bag so fast people!
  • The wind blew my shopping cart into another car before I could wheel it into the cart corral.
  • The cart corral was located as far from my car as possible.
  • My groceries all fell over in the backseat.
  • The wind was freezing.
I kept taking deep breaths and gritting my teeth. Life was just not working out as planned!

Then I drove past a homeless man, pushing a shopping cart full of bags. One of his plastic grocery bags blew away in the wind. I watched him reach for it. Try to keep his cart from rolling away so he could catch it. The bag blew off into the busy street. Gone.

It was just a dirty plastic bag. I have about a thousand of these bags in my kitchen closet. But it was his plastic bag.

And driving in my warm car, with bags full of food, to a warm house and a loving family, I thought, Life isn't working out as he planned either.

Have you ever had a moment when your perspective shifted in an instant? What happened? 

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