Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jump in the Leaves #NaBloPoMo

I always wonder what people do in the fall in areas where there aren't a lot of trees, or not a lot of deciduous trees. No scent of burning leaves (wait, is that illegal now? I wouldn't know because Matt chops ours up in the lawn mower)? No leaf piles to jump in?

Well... I must say, leaf pile jumping is overrated. For one, I remember when I was a kid, sometimes we weren't allowed to have a leaf pile because it created more work for my dad and it killed the grass if you left it sitting out there for too long.

And... jumping in a leaf pile really is not that soft unless the pile is like, taller than a full grown man. AND... I made a leaf pile for my son the other day, and he just wanted "Mommy do it!" so I did... and guess what I found? A big slimy snail crawling across a leaf.

No thank you. The leaf pile is closed!

I made him stand in the pile just for a good photo opp! He wasn't that into it!

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