Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I've Never... #NaMaBloPo

8 days of writing prompts I didn't enjoy... I think I gave that my best shot, now I'm forging my own path. I saw this prompt somewhere else and thought I'd try it. List-making is one of my favorite writing activities, and I need an easy task tonight!

I have never...

climbed Mt. Everest
run a full marathon
eaten squid ink pasta
published a book
given my autograph
skiied a black diamond
visited Hawaii
had just the right words at just the right moment
slept on the beach
caught a fish
bungee-jumped (or skydived)
caught a baseball at a game
lived in a big city
wanted a Ph.D
used crutches
cooked lamb
ridden in a hot air balloon
gone for a sleigh ride
finished a knitting project
caught up with the housework
felt like a piece of writing was finished

...I should try to do some of these things. Not the smoking. Or the squid ink pasta.

What have you not done lately?

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