Thursday, November 10, 2011

The first story my son told #NaBloPoMo

I've been working with my son to teach him to clean up his toys after he's done using them.

This morning, he was coloring and dropped a lot of crayons on the floor. My mom ("Nonna") was on her way over, so I told him, "We need to clean up before Nonna comes."

As young ones do he toddled around, pushed crayons further under his Learning Tower because he's not that adept yet, and was still searching for crayons when my mom knocked on the door. Which totally distracted him of course!

I said, "Hurry! Hurry! Nonna's here! Get the crayons before she comes in!" the excitement almost won out, but the idea of seeing Nonna motivated him to grab a few crayons a bit faster...

Later that night at supper, he said in his cute toddler voice: "Car happen."

I didn't know what this could mean, so I said, "Car happen?"

He said, "Nonna come!"

"Oh, yes! Nonna came over."

He smiled, and said, "Knock, knock!"

"Knock, knock! Who's at the door?"

"Nonna!" he shouted.

"Yes, Nonna was at the door!"

And then he said, "Hurry!"

Me: "Hurry?"

"Hurry! Keen-up!" (clean up).

I nearly fell off my seat laughing that he remembered the scenario. But I was so proud of him, because it was the first story my son has ever told!

He's going to be a humor writer!

How do you record funny and memorable moments and stories about your children?

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  1. So charming. That Asher is going to be a humor writer. Maybe he needs his own blog? That how we track such things for our kids. Their blogs are told from their point of view and in their voice. It's been great. We're converting them to books - one for each year.



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