Saturday, November 05, 2011

Three Topics #NaBloPoMo

Weekends are for free writing during National Blog Posting Month. Great. My least favorite form of writing because I can never think of topics. Or I find I write about the same things over and over.

I read somewhere that writers have three main topics they return to again and again in their writing. So I'm sitting here trying to figure out my three topics.

Writing - I write a lot about writing. Much like meta-cognition (thinking about thinking), this has always seemed a bit redundant to me - writing about writing. But I do love the process of writing, and like to mull over how it works, and pass along grammar tips, or comment on the evolution of our English language. See... I'm writing about writing right now! (I hate it when "write" and "right" appear in the same sentence, much less next to each other!).

Family - The personal narrative / memoir type writing has been a favorite of mine these past few years. Ever since I learned more about this genre from teaching it in writer's workshop, I see the value of mining the small moments of our life to find seeds for writing. I still struggle to get down to a super small moment and to find the meaning in it, but writing about my life and family is a topic I return to time and again. I even started an entire blog about my family, parenting and family friendly product reviews and giveaways.

... hmmm... topic three.... it's not coming...

Maybe I only have two topics at this point in my life. I have some minor topics, like education, politics, product reviewing, and miscellaneous opinions that I write about but nothing that sticks or raises a passionate voice in my writing. Well... chocolate, yes, writing about chocolate might be my third topic!

I'm starting to think there's a reason writers have THREE topics not just TWO! It's good to have variety in your writing! I can't wait until topic three shows up...

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