Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Through The Window #NaBloPoMo

I found this writing prompt over at Mama's Losin It to write about a time you climbed in through a window.
Well... it wasn't ME exactly.  I wimped out. But once when my friend Sarah came to visit... we drove up to my parent's house (where I lived at the time)... and discovered nobody was home. Somehow (I have NO idea how this happened) I did not have a key with me. Somehow (I have no idea how this happened) the "hidden key" was missing.

This wasn't a dilemma (because that would mean we were choosing between TWO options)... it was a predicament, indeed.

Ever resourceful, Sarah noticed a ladder near the deck. Of course, she wanted to use it to climb into the 2nd story window. Did we check the bottom floor windows first? I'm guessing we MUST have, otherwise we really are crazy! My memory is fuzzy on this, but I am pretty sure the downstairs window were locked per the usual. But that the upstairs bathroom window was open for ventilation.

However, the ladder did not reach the second floor window! So... we (?) decided to push together some benches and put the ladder atop them. Fearless Sarah volunteered to climb the ladder, peel off the screen and crawl in through the window. I bravely volunteered to stabilize the ladder from below.

And that is just what she did! In through the window. Quick as a cricket!

Then she ran through the house to the kitchen and let me in! What a hoot! I still can't believe I let my friend climb some McGyver-ized contraption to break into my own house!

And to this day I am NOT sure what the rush was... could we not have waited for someone to come home? Apparently no.

Have you ever had to go in through the window anywhere?

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