Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Story Poem 2007

Most of you know that I usually write a Christmas Poem each year - this year for some reason was especially hard - I couldn't get my thoughts together. I had a couple of directions I wanted to go in... 1) I wanted to create an allegorical story using the motifs of the real Christmas story 2) I wanted to write a song-like poem, or 3) I wanted to write a fictionalized version of the real Christmas story - as seen from the eyes of a fellow traveler to Bethelehem. I wanted to tie in with modern day, because usually my poems are more reflective of the ancient birth story of Christ... I wanted to pull it together to show it's relationship to us today. Well... I don't think that really happened, but... I will keep thinking about it for next year. I am a bit disappointed with the turn out this year, but as the cards must needs get into the Post, I had to be content with this version:

Christmas Story

Two thousand winters old,
The story began
In a world with no room:
A poor stable was planned.

In a country with no king
A babe came to rest
With angels for a choir,
His worshippers the humblest.

A newborn king,
With no throne and no crown:
Yet the world’s kings came to worship
As starlight shone down.

Though the world had no room,
Weary traveler, come, and see:
Christ had time to come to earth
For you and for me.

And here are the two cards I made for this year (2 because I ran out of supplies for the 1st one!)

1 comment:

  1. Dear Julie,

    I love your poem. You have nothing for which to apologize; it is beautiful & communicates clearly. Nicely done!




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