Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memoir Memories

"Everyone has a story to tell" - a great article recently in AARP (not that I'm old enough! HA!) - led me to teach memoir writing to my 7th graders.
I am touched by the "life lessons" they are trying to embed into their stories. I can't wait to read the final products next Tuesday at our Writer's Celebration - we're having a "beach towel" celebration to end the year. Should be fun! :)

I think everyone should attempt this kind of writing at some point in their life. As the author said, without our "5 minutes ago," who are we? I discovered the value of recording my own stories, humble as they are (which is my greatest writer's block-my simple, boring life stories!) However, I have been so inspired by some of the materials I found for this unit (But was unable to touch the tip of, b/c the year is ending so quickly!), that I plan to try out all the suggested activities in my own writing notebook this summer. Especially the ideas from the article.

To read the article, click here:

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