Friday, January 02, 2009

2009, Resolved: to Redeem Time

Resolved. 1. Separated into its component parts; analyzed. 2. Determined in purpose
Determined. Ended; concluded; decided; fixed; settled; directed.

(Above are as defined in Webster's 1828 dictionary.)

By definition, 2009 has no sooner begun, than my resolutions have both ended and decided the entire year.

So many people talk about New Year's Resolutions being broken by the week's end. Perhaps what people fail to embrace is the fact that a resolution is not a daydream or a hope or a lofty ideal. To resolve is an action verb, requiring one to take action on the resolution.

This year, I took a more organized approach to my resolutions. Thinking about how in teaching, we post objectives for the day, and how each objective needs to be specific, observable, and measurable, I created resolutions that followed this formula. If I create resolutions I can see and measure, then I will know if I am working towards that particular resolve.

The theme of the year is "Redeeming the Time" - like the 5 cents on a soda bottle return - our year has latent value. God gives us 24 hours a day - all with potential energy; potential value. It's up to me to cash in on the time I'm given, to make it purposeful and productive. Most of the resolutions, such as my study/reading time, focus on this idea of using time more wisely, setting boundaries for how much time I can afford to "waste" in activities that don't progress me forward.

2009 has been decided. Directed. Purposed.


  1. Julie ~ Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to keep me updated on your progress in 'redeeming the time'.
    In Christ, Tami

  2. Wow,
    That is the EXACT same goal the Lord showed me two weeks before year's end.
    I taught the college & career Sunday school on that very lesson.
    The Lord showed me that to redeem the time, that is to be able to "purchase back; to ransom" it(Webster's 1828), it must already be in the possession of something or someone else! Hence, having only 24 hours in a day, we must ransom our time from other activities less important than what the Lord would have us do. Aye, there's the rub!
    Anyway, how weird you had a post on that very topic...



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