Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Irony of Being A SuperHero

Sometimes superheroes aren't all that super... heck, in my superhero persona, apparently I can't even speak proper English!!!!

It all started when~~~~~ the kids in my 7th grade classes made a nickname for one of the science teachers - to protect the innocent, let's just call her, Mrs. Smith. So the kids decided she'd be SUPER-SMITH! They made her a poster and a t-shirt cape with a Superman like logo on it... I thought this was tremendously funny. I was talking with the students about how my husband and I are fans of comic book superheros and story lines, shows, etc. (not like Trekkie fans or anything, just we enjoy the ideas and characters). So one girl was like, "I'm going to make you a superhero name, too!

We bantered back and forth for a few days about what my superhero teacher name might be... but in the end, WriterWoman won. During a free time today, the student made and subsequently (one of our transition vocab words!) presented me with an oversized construction paper poster of me as a superhero action figure. There I was, the English teacher, weapon of destruction (a red pen) in hand with my fluttering cape trailing behind me: Writer Woman!

The irony: I'm chasing after a student with my pen and a speech bubble coming out of my mouth saying:
"You should of did your homework!"

Now... while it's true there's a certain amount of "bringing kids to justice" with regards to assigning detentions fo no homework, I certainly hope that in my quest for justice, my superhero alter ego would have a handle on being grammatically correct!

So, kids, next time you see a caped crusader charging down the halls of your school with a pen dripping red, I hope the catch phase you remember is:
"You should have DONE your homework!"
Oh the irony of it all, that an English teacher superhero would have a grammatical error on her debut comic strip!

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  1. haha, that's funny WriterWoman..
    Now you have to read my blog..although there's not much there now..I'm a little afraid to's new terriorty for me..eek! But sometimes I like it..hhhmmm..ok bye love ya..



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