Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye, Grandpa Howard

I have so many things I could write about my Grandpa Howard, who just passed away last night... he was a wise man, a godly man...even though we only saw him once or twice a year, he was a figurehead in my life. It's strange how you can miss someone you didn't really see that often, but that's how I know he was always there in the background of the fabric of my family...

I have fond memories of his flannel shirts, black walnuts, turning off water faucets, and so many more unique things about him... When I picture him in heaven, I still see him as the dear, frail old man he left behind... even though I know he doesn't look that way in heaven! And I still picture Grandma Howard with white-white hair! I know they are happy together with God, but I will miss him anyway...
'bye Grandpa - I love you!

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  1. Russell Settipane25/5/09 9:57 AM

    Dear Julie,
    Sorry for your loss. On this Memorial Day weekend, Mr. Howard is well remmebered.
    Russ, Davis & Jackson



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