Saturday, June 06, 2009

Product Review: Ball Plastic Jars with Screw Top Lids!

I am just so amused at this product - and I don't know why... perhaps because I have started canning food a lot...

Anyway, you know how when you open a jar of home-made canned food, and you don't use it, you have to put the metal screw cap back on over the flat lid... and somehow, doing this seems to get sticky jam or sauce all over the cap and lid as you try to line everything up? Okay, maybe that's just me...

Well, anyway, last fall, I found these awesome plastic jars with lids that screw on, that you can put your leftover canned foods into after you open a jar. Then, you don't have to worry about a messy lid, spoiling food from a seal that isn't tight enough, or breaking a glass jar!

Once you open a jar of sauce or jam, or in my case, canned peaches... you just dump the leftovers into the Ball plastic screw-top jar, and pop it in the fridge. Also, now you can wash and store that glass jar for use later next year when you're canning again! Plus, the plastic jars come in a 4 pack, and the lids snap into each other and then onto the jar bottoms for stackable storage, so you don't have a mess in your cabinet!

I'm Amused!!

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