Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby of Mine...

Okay... having a baby has become fun at last... I mean, except for that sharp pain in my hip whenever I take a step (which is often since I work in the BASEMENT of our school and have to go up and down the stairs a minimum of 4 times a day! And I coach the cross country team ... no, I am NOT running with them this year!).

But seriously, now that the nausea is gone, I am sort of okay with the stabbing pain and the exhaustion part - it's much preferable... :)

I thought I would hate getting a big belly and all but I kind of like this roly-poly feeling... and I like feeling the baby rolling around in there - which has been a new event this past week. I can't wait until Matthew can feel it too!

So - 5 months in ... halfway there ... starting to think about names, doctors, baby furniture, vaccinations, car seats, etc...

As I said... it's getting to be kind of fun!

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