Thursday, February 17, 2011

The. One. Word. Sentence.

It's a anomaly I've noticed lately. Bloggers are doing it. Facebook statuses. Twitter tweets.

Fragments can be effective. But this is more than a fragment. It's a totally fragmented entire sentence. Like this:

I. Am. Not. Amused.

It's clever. And has become ubiquitous. I'm curious to know where it originated. And just how it has spread so organically throughout the Internet.

I have used it on occasion. I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it. But I think the One Word Sentence is here to stay.

What do you think about this style of writing?


  1. I'm not yet sure what I think of this writing style but I think it is interesting how new social medias like you suggested are molding the writing of today. Or even the thinking of today. I find myself thinking in FB posts all the time or even thinking up blog titles and entries to go with them. If it were not for the modern avenues of writing, I would never be doing this. Or for that matter, probably would not have become involved in writing. Period.

  2. I am guilty of the above :/ Social medias are really taking over w/the younger generation. My dd's teacher told me that one student turned in a homework assignment with all of the OMG, IDK, WTF all over her page and had misspelled half of her page. Why b/c they are not writing anymore w/all the texting it's not necessary!! I wonder what it will be like when my 8 yr old get to high school...



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