Saturday, April 30, 2011

I write a lot.

I'm doing a ton of writing lately. I'm not sure if it's helping improve my style or not... but it's a lot of writing! Here's where and what I'm writing:

  1. Our family and parenting blog - of course, I do daily (sometimes more) posts on A Year With Mom and Dad - product reviews, personal posts, etc. This keeps me pretty busy!
  2. Sometimes I get paid post opportunities that don't really fit our family blog but, it's nice to get paid for writing, so I put them on my alternate product review blog.
  3. Our gardening blog - every once in awhile I think of something to say at Once Upon a Garden
  4. Here - lately I've been writing about the modern style of writing that blogging has produced.
  5. Guest posting - I am working on some guest posts for other blogs. And I'll be starting to do some product reviews here soon.
  6. Freelance writing - I do some occasional online writing for Avon MotoPhoto and will be helping them out with their company blog soon! (If you have a small business that needs some copy writing, just email me!).
  7. Bible Adventure Club - I write the character stories for our church's kid program on Wednesday night. Tales of the Wild West and Uncle Jed! This is my most fun writing!
Sort of writing stuff:
I applied to be a writing instructor at Brave Writer - I will find out if they accepted my application in a week or so. That may not really mean I'll be writing more, but I'll be more involved in the work of writing.

So, wow, I've been doing a lot of writing. I wish I did more creative writing. But I'm glad that I'm keeping the writing going in any genre, and I'll weave in the creative pieces from time to time too!

Do you write? Where do you write?

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