Sunday, October 16, 2005

Illustration Friday - Cold

When I saw the prompt "cold," I thought of the illusatration for Les Miserabé. Of course I could never duplicate the cold empty sadness on Cosette's face, but I hope I've captured some of the idea of that feeling in my drawing. Proportions seem to be a bit of a problem for me!
I was moved to place the door behind her, perhaps a symbol of being shut out - another form of coldness. I used purples, blacks and blues to indicate the colors of coldness. I'm enjoying matching color to the prompt - it's a familiar connection for me between visual sybmolism and literary symbolism.
I'm also including an old poem that speaks of coldness between two people. There's no real story to the poem, I was just trying to recreate the feeling.

Cold Glances

Down my back I feel the chill
Of your glance as you sit behind me.
Those eyes that watch always,
In sleep or in light, looking
For the chance to cut
Through to what you want. You know
The stillness of an empty stare,
And the fear of a broken word.
And you touch me, hoping
To regain what you lost, to catch
What flew from your grasp.
I feel the chill on my shoulder
Now, and then my face, but you
Won't look at me--just at whatever
Is just over my shoulder
There in the dark. It's your fear
Of telling me the truth -

Julie Howard 4/1/97


  1. I love your blog and your illo, i'llbe back every week. Good job

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  3. Hi Julie!

    I like this very much! Your color choices are excellent (and yes, the whole color connotation thing is fun to do visually) and I especially like the closed door; it does give a feeling of being shut off, cold, and alone. The poem is also perfect for this week's topic! It looks like you played around with last week's illo...gave it a torn border. Do you have Illustrator or Photoshop?

    You know, Jol got me the scanner that I use all the time, and I think it was only $99. It works really well. Maybe you should look into getting an inexpensive would be fun to see your work in a form closer to the way you drew it.

    Hope all's well..see you next week:>



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