Sunday, October 02, 2005

Illustration Friday - Float

Feels like less than gravity -
Lifting, I spin, lightly tilt -
Open like autumn-fringed twirlygigs,
Arms over the air, fingers out - tiny on
Tiptoes and finally free!

Another prompt from Illoannounce: This time, I wrote a poem using the word. I played around with both words that evoke the feeling of floating, and having the letters of the word "float" around the poem.

I also, at Carla's encouragement, attempted to illustrate it! Ha! Here's my virgin voyage into the world of illustration. Don't say I didn't warn you - it's pretty shabby - a stick figure! :) haha! But it WAS fun!


  1. Yay - You turned on commments :) I'm loving your blog. Thanks for the Illustration Friday post. Your picture is better than mine would have been... I did check out that website - cool stuff to be found! Gratzie.

  2. Julie! This is delightful! Your little figure has such a whimsical feeling of floating happiness, and the poem is a perfect match. I'm so happy you decided to do's fun:>

  3. Julie,
    Nice blog. I linked to it on my website on the "Favorite Links" page. Here is the main page.
    Your Bro,

  4. I meant to tell you, also, that you had nice use of color in your, um... drawing.

  5. ha ha Dave! I think the, um, drawing, has a rather long neck! :) oops!



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