Monday, November 28, 2005

Illo Friday - Small

I took a break last week. Plus I couldn't think of an appropriate image for "free" (That I could draw). Here's my take on "Small" - Here were some of my original ideas and attempts: A girl wearing a super small sweater (like our students like to get away with), a person standing small against a night sky (But overlapping images is not a strong skill of mine yet. Then, I tried to draw a "drop in the bucket, but I'm not good at things that need definite shapes or proportions like a bucket. So finally, into my mind popped Jack and the Beanstalk and how small he was to climb up the stalk. So I created my "Magic Beans" drawing. For what it's worth... enjoy! (Sorry Jack is so featureless, I can't draw good faces yet!)
I can still remember seeing Mickey and the Beanstalk and laughing at how he was so poor and was so short on food, that he shaved his bread into translucently thin slices... Sometimes I don't know where these ideas come from....


  1. That's definately a clear definition of small! Nice illo1

  2. I like this Julie! In fact, I would like a beanstalk that I could climb up to get away from all these papers! Kidding aside..I like the scale between Jack and his beanstalk, and I like his posture of wonder. You're really "blossoming" as an artist:> Are you as swamped as I am? I always think of the loaves and fishes when I look at my folders of papers to grade...I grade a batch but they just keep multiplying. Too bad that doesn't work when I spend my paycheck:> I hope you're well...take care - Carla



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