Saturday, December 31, 2005

Illo Friday - Flavor

Okay, this is an old illustration (Old, like 1 month!) that I drew to illustrate my Grandmother's apple pie recipe. I LOVE apple pie, so to me, there is no better flavor! :) Slightly crunchy, tart juicy apples, dripping with sweet, syrupy cinnamon held together by a crumbly, buttery crust - if you're lucky there'll be some hardened, carmelized cinnamon sugar drippings in the crust that tried to leak out - that's my favorite part! Yum!

And... my belated Holiday illo is entered below also... as well as my annual Christmas poem - for anyone's interest...


  1. this is sweet and i love the idea! perfect for the topic!!!

  2. Hi Julie! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! This looks absolutely delicious...I agree that it doesn't get a whole lot better than apple pie, unless it's apple pie with ice cream:> Of course, I won't be having any of that for a while... I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Your decorations drawing is so pretty. It's really fun to start a collection of pretty ornaments.

  3. Awesome!!! Not only is it a fun and cute illustration, but a great keepsake, too!!



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