Saturday, December 31, 2005

Illo Friday - Holiday

Sorry this is late - I just got around to finishing it...
This year I was intrigued by ornaments - I don't remember them meaning so much to me... but as I unpacked all my "old" ornaments from years gone by to decorate "our 1st Christmas tree," I realized that each ornament was a token from various people or points in my life. These ornaments I drew with glue and decorated with glitter aren't specific like the ones on my tree, but I hope their cheerfulness conveys the sense of real holiday cheer I felt as I decorated our first home for the first time....
Some special ornaments this year:
  • The pink cadillac from Brie - who has no idea why she gave it to me, nevertheless it's charming and endearing because of the giver
  • The red and green hands traced by my nephew, William
  • The hobby horse stuffed ornament my mother made (each of us siblings has a similar ornament)
  • The Little Red Riding Hood book with 3 D Red Riding Hood spinning in the center - from my Aunt Flo in TX, given to me at least 20 years ago, and repaired many times
  • The rainbow fish - a most recent addition to the collection from our honeymoon in St. John...
I suppose I could go on with more memories... but I'll save them for next year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Julie

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