Thursday, August 30, 2007


I just logged in to find my BEST Portfolio score. I passed with a 3 out of 4!!! I know, it's not the FOUR I was hoping for, but still, I am very happy with the score! :) For those who don't know, the BEST portfolio is a huge project teachers complete their 2nd year; it's scored over the summer. If you get a 1, you have to do the whole portfolio all over again the 3rd year and if that one doesn't pass, you're OUT of teaching (as far as I've heard!). So... it's a bit nerve-wracking! Last year, I worked countless hours just to get the kids READY to participate in the portfolio, taught the portfolio unit for three weeks, and took another 2 months to write and edit the 116 page document! :) WOW am I ever glad that is FINISHED!!!!

Okay, that's all - I can breathe easier this year!

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