Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Peachy!

Okay, it's 11 pm and I have just spent the last 9 hours STRAIGHT canning over 22 lbs of peaches! Phew!
I now have (behold!):

8 jars of canned peaches in light syrup
6 jars of peach jam
8 jars of peach butter
4 jars of peach jam low sugar
4 jars of peach jam low sugar/honey mix (it wouldn't jell with just the honey so I had to add sugar - it still didn't seem to jell well).

...and, 6 leftover peaches... it's been a HOT day in the kitchen!
What to do with all these jars of peaches! Well, you never know... maybe YOU will be a lucky recipient! :)

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