Thursday, February 05, 2009

InspireMeThursday: "Fold"

I'm still feeling at the bottom of Bloom's Taxonomy today so I'll create a simple poem that defines and explores the many facets of this word:

"Folds In My Life"
Fold a paper - events of a nation
Fold a page - bookmark imagination

Fold a chair - end an evening
Fold up time - wishful thinking

Fold a napkin - set the stage
Fold a letter – the lost age

Fold a dollar - pay a fare
Fold a flag – waved ‘til threadbare

Fold a thought – restless musings
Fold the laundry – count your blessings

Fold a flock - Shepherd's Care
Fold your hands – and say a prayer.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Julie! I just saw that you posted this at IMT - what a lovely poem! I like the simplicity of the structure and the richness of the thoughts. I hope you're enjoying your week off:) xox - Carla



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